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  • Stephen R A'Barrow

What Next?

The Brazilian nation is still in shock, as is much of the footballing world at all the records that were set with last nights simply stunning 7-1 German victory over Brazil. What should be highlighted is the great spirit in which the game was played and the amazing graciousness of many of Brazil`s fans and commentators, who not only started cheering German goals but as with Juninho called Germany`s performance `a victory for football. `

Brazilians lack of bombast and their ability to accommodate and poke fun at the world around them is one of their greatest redeeming and lovable characteristics. As I`ve said before, unlike in much of the rest of the world, if a Brazilian got onto a table in a bar and shouted `Brazil is the greatest nation on Earth` the rest of the bar`s Brazilian occupants would most likely mutter `He`s had too much to drink! `

I posted some of my favourite comments (with translations where necessary) on my twitter site. These started appearing in there thousands both during and long after the game, and have apparently broken all records on twitter for the number of postings. Even those who don`t speak Portuguese will chuckle at the mock commentary of a Brazilian sports commentator, along the lines of; `Goooal and then Klose passes it to Mueller and gooooal, and Khedira passes it to Schuerrle, gooooal and Lahm passes it to Kroos, goooal and now it’s time for a break for our sponsors, gooooal!`

A cartoon clip of Bart Simpson has him saying “Even Volkswagen can`t make 5 GOL`s in 30 minutes.` Then there were lots of piss-taking tweets featuring Brazil`s president Dilma which repeat the allegation of the World Cup having been `bought` and with her facing Chancellor Merkle with mock quotes along the lines of `But I even paid in Euros` and `The cheque`s been cancelled!` Another Brazilian commentator stated; `The only German who can help us get over this disaster now is Mr Alzheimer!` And a English one who related `Nevertheless, Brazil still would have beaten England!`

What next!?

Well the only thing every Brazilian really gives a shit about now is that Argentina lose both their next games. The idea that Argentina could win the World Cup in Brazil, at the Maracana, would make Brazil`s 1950 World Cup defeat at home to Uruguay seem mild by comparison. If Argentina lose against the Netherlands and then face Brazil for the third place slot on Saturday and Brazil win, then some semblance of national pride will be restored. If Brazil were to lose that game, or by some miracle Argentina were to beat the Netherlands and then Germany in the final, that would no doubt spark riots, a possible invasion of Argentina and the spirit of Goetterdaemmerung in Brazil. So let’s hope and pray Brazil beat Argentina on Saturday and Germany beat Holland on Sunday and then Brazil will have been seen to have lost to the best team and some semblance of justice will have been restored. If not then all bets on a peaceful end to this world cup are off!

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