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  • Stephen R A'Barrow

Surprising Germany #1 - Cakes

In England we often associate France with artistically creative and the mouth watering cakes found in fine old patisseries, but I’ve not found a greater variety of cakes or cake shops anywhere in Europe than in Germany.

Whereas the tradition of taking elevenses and afternoon high tea has been in decline in England for years if not decades the ‘Kaffee und Kuchen Stunde’ (Coffee and Cake hour) is a popular in Germany as ever.

Even the smallest villages will usually have two or more competing coffee and cake shops trying to out do each other in the range of delights on offer from; Black Forest Gateaus, Cheese Cakes, Apple Cakes and Strudels, Crumbles, Fruit, Cream, Chocolate and Sponge cakes and at Christmas time you can add to this a huge variety of seasonal pastries (Germany produces over 1,200 varieties in total), of biscuits, marzipan and sweet gingerbreads with all manner of delicious toppings.

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