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  • Stephen R A'Barrow

Things you didn't know about Germany #6

The world of academia and modern science have much to thank the Germans for from the invention of the seminar, the academic discipline of departments (split between research and teaching) and the invention of the PhD.

This revolution in academia led to a revolution in scientific innovation which included, Wilhelm Roentgen’s discovery of electro magnetic radiation in a wave length (X-rays) and Rudolf Hertz’s work on electromagnetic radiation which revolutionized telecommunications, Carl Bosch’s work on high pressure industrial chemistry, Fritz Haber’s ability to work out how to fix nitrogen thereby inventing artificial fertilizers. The pharmaceutical giant Bayer gave the world Aspirin and Karl Friedrich Benz gave the world gasoline powered motorcycles and automobiles while Rudolf Diesel went on to invent the diesel engine.

Werner Heisenberg and Albert Einstein would be credited for their ground breaking research in the field of physics and Manfred von Ardenne would give the world its first demonstration of television in Berlin in August 1931 using a cathode ray tube for both transmission and reception.

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