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  • Stephen R A'Barrow

Saxony and the Elbe

Those Anglo Saxons interested in the roots of their ancient ancestry will no doubt be charmed by the treasure trove that Saxony and the Elbe (among other areas of the ancient Saxon's lands) hold for

visitors to see including;

  • Wittenberg (home to Martin Luther and the Protestant reformation),

  • the beautiful town of Meissen famous the world over for its fine porcelain (the first to be manufactured in Europe),

  • the lakeside castle of Schloss Morizburg home to the Saxon King Frederick Augustus I (the Strong) who is reputed to have fathered more children than any other royal in history (as many as 382),

  • Germany’s baroque capital of Dresden still reemerging out of the ruins of war and the border town of Goerlitz which boasts the widest range of architectural styles in Germany, and

  • the mountainous region and national park of Saxon Switzerland, to the south of Dresden, is also well worth a visit.

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